Welcome to thyme to be loved.  This is my little space where I chronicle my passion for cooking and share all my favorite recipes, some easy and quick, and others designed to get those “ooows” and “ahhhs”.   I’m also dedicating a whole section to all my friends who’ve asked for help over the years: how to cook a steak, chop an onion, pick out pots and pan, stock the pantry, and the list goes on.  I’m going to get to it all… soon!

I’m lucky that my job as a personal chef allows me to make a vast range of dishes, take a lot of risks, and experiment in the kitchen.  I  love sharing what new recipes I’ve discovered, giving helpful tips to my friends and finding those A+ dishes that I have to pass on!

So a tiny bit about me… Cooking, like for so many of you too, is my creative outlet (it also pays my bills, a few of them at least).  My love of it doesn’t stem from some plated masterpiece I experienced at a restaurant (even though I loooove eating at fabulous restaurants, who doesn’t!).  But rather those cozy family meals my mom would make for us, that made time spent together truly special.  I love the nurturing aspect of food.  Its a highly functional gift; feeding and nourishing your body, while looking oh so beautiful and tantalizing on the plate. I wanted to be able to give that gift to my friends and family. So, in my early twenties I trotted off to Paris for a summer and took a course at Le Cordon Bleu in Cuisine and Pastry. These days, I work part-time as a Private Chef for a serious gourmet, and cater here and there on the weekends.  I love what I do because I get to experiment in the kitchen, trying out dishes that my two picky eaters (Makayla 4, and Kaleb 6) will probably, hopefully, decide to put in their little mouths in a few years.  In my spare time, I bake with my kids, feed my hungry easy-to-please husband, and do, uh, other stuff, cause my life isn’t aaalll about food!



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