Flaky, Irresistible, French Butter Croissants

So about 2 weeks or so ago, I accepted a croissant challenge from Heavenly Housewife to make the oh-so-delicious (and oh-so-laborious) Parisian butter croissant. I had made them once before, years back when I was trudging away in Paris, studying (or rather cooking/baking/sweating) at my culinary alma mater Le Cordon Bleu. So yes, I had some instruction on how to make them once-upon-a-time looooong ago. But believe you me, I was still taking deep lamaze-ish breaths, and trying to psych myself up mentally for this challenge. I was a bit nervous! As simple as croissants are on one hand (butter-flour-egg-yeast), they’re kind of like a long-winded dance, with multiple steps that you have to get just right. They take time and practice to master. And even though I knew this, and recognized the resistance I felt towards making them, I still had all these grandiose plans of the different variations I would make. “Oh,” I thought, “I could make an almond pastry cream filling, and a ham and cheese version.”  And then I got really excited when I though of my all-time favorite croissant: the German pretzel
croissant. Its a combination of two of my favorite things in this world, deep colored bavarian pretzels and flaky buttery croissants.


As usual I totally underestimated my available time. Lets see, I have 2 young children and a husband who need to eat (more than just cereal and buttered toast in between my blog posts unfortunately). And I haven’t really gotten too personal on this blog yet, but my husband has been seriously ill for the past 6 months, so that’s been a big strain on our family. I’m not complaining, really. I love to cook, bake, and blog and its been almost therapeutic for me. I find myself thinking of ideas and recipes at night when I’m lying awake, or in the car while I’m stuck in traffic. The kitchen has always been a place where I unwind and get to create. Even if afterwards I’m left with a heap of unwashed dishes and think to myself “how is this relaxing?”

So all that to say… I sadly had to put my pretzel croissant, almond filling and ham and cheese fantasies to rest. The butter croissants were fabulous though.  Nerves aside, I never back down from a culinary challenge.  I live for it!  I have a subscription to and they had a really helpful audio-photo walkthrough of the whole croissant-making process, just like I was watching my chef instructor back at Le Cordon Bleu. I made a few chocolate filled croissants which my kids were sooo happy to take off of my hands. And my little 4 year old daughter, who helped roll all the chocolate croissants, was so excited to take a warm buttery basketful to her preschool teachers this morning. So in the end, all were happy.

Except I’m still dreaming of those pretzel croissants *sigh*.

Don’t worry, I’ll get over it! I’m going to sneak over to Rockenwagner bakery today and grab a few…. and beg for some pretzel lye to indulge my fantasy of making it sometime soon. Hey I still have one more batch of dough in my fridge!

So, yes, after all that unnecessary fretting they turned out faaaaa-bulous daaaahlings! (H.H. shout out, lol). We ate them with the the last of the glorious
white peach butter I made last week. Its been sinful, absolutely sinful!

Now that I’ve got the hang of of it, I’m definetly going to do a tutorial on how I made these delicious calorie bombs of butteriness.  However, today in order to make my monday challenge deadline I will only be able to leave you with these photos… happy drooling!


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10 thoughts on “Flaky, Irresistible, French Butter Croissants

  1. You have excelled yourself my daaaaaahling, these are just beautiful. I don’t think you’ve lost much from your culinary days, you should be very proud of these!
    Do you know, I am also in love with a particular “pretzel croissant”. The ones at City Bakery in NYC. I made half my dough with French sea salt crystal butter and froze it to try and attempt them later. THey are kind of salty with sesame seeds on top
    *kisses* HH
    p.s. I am really sorry to hear about your husband! I hope whatever is wrong is treatable and that he is on the mend!

    • Thanks! Those croissants look delish (i checked out the website)! I just love pretzel croissants. I think that there is some type of lye wash that the croissant gets bathed in, and then sprinkled with salt, right before going in the oven. But I’m going to watch that video on how city bakery makes theirs. Thanks for the well wishes toward my husband, his recovery is just really slow. XO

  2. OMG! I’m dying inside Christina! Literally…must you tempt my gluten intolerances this way! These look superb & look straight off the pages of one of the top food magazines! Your so talented! Putting these up for this weeks “toothsome tuesday” on BA…



  3. Your croissants are faaaaabulous!! they look so buttery and flaky. They are a ‘long winded dance’ to make but obviously a dance you’re very good at. pretzel croissant are a fabulous idea I checked out HH’s link. Sorry to hear about your husband, but what better place to be than in a home filled with fresh baking and wonderful food. A very gorgeous daughter helping in the kitchen too. GG

  4. Your croissants turned out to be incredible. I am really impressed. The white peach butter sounds super too.

    So sorry to hear about your husband’s ill health. I hope that he is feeling better soon and wasn’t too ill to enjoy these amazing croissants

    • Thanks so much! He was able to try one, and thought they were great. But he doesn’t have too much of a sweet tooth these days. Probably for the best, since croissants aren’t exactly healthy!

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