The White Peach Margarita

white peach margarita

I made myself a little drink yesterday, and it was good, really good.

And its definitely going to happen again today.

bbq baby back ribs + white peach margaritas = perfect labor day!

Well that would be true if I was making all that for me… I wish. No, actually I’m catering a labor day birthday dinner for a client, and i thought I’d just give this drink a test-run, or two. lol.

peach in blender

Sweet, juice-running-down-your-hand peaches are one of my favorite culinary treasures of summer. I’m really going to miss them!

Just put them in the blender with a little agave syrup, and puree.
You could also use some peach liqueur. Just ease up a bit on the tequila… we’ll get to that in a bit.


If you want, you can puree them a little less, and leave them a bit chunky, its up to you.

See, I’m really democratic with my recipes.


We’re almost done!
Now just add your fresh lime juice, peach puree, tequila and ice to your blender.


This is a minimalist margarita. I like using a good/decent 100% agave tequila, and an agave sweetener instead of simple syrup (I figure agave + agave makes sense, right?). White peaches have a really low to 0% acidity, compared to yellow peaches, and their sweetness is supposedly more ideal for margaritas.

I know my stuff.

Actually, my wine guy knows his stuff, I’m just pretending for the sake of this drink.
So I can say something besides, “make it! ‘Cause its good.”

White Peach Margarita
for 1 drink
2 slices white peach for garnish
1 oz shot silver Tequila
1 oz shot non-alcoholic triple sec – optional but adds a nice flavor
squeeze of lime
1/2 cup peach puree (see below ingredients)
kosher salt for glass rim

Peach Puree (makes enough for about 2-3 drinks)
2 white peaches
3 Tablespoons agave syrup
squeeze of lime, to keep puree from turning brown

Puree Peaches with agave syrup and squeeze of lime until desired consistency. Add more or less agave depending on how sweet you like your margarita. Fill up a blender 1/2 full with ice and add 1/2 cup peach puree and remaining ingredients. Blend. Run your halved lime around the rim of your glass and press on coarse salt.

Have a relaxing labor day!


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