The almost melted wedding cake… phew!

wedding cake table
Last weekend I made my 2nd wedding cake.

My first wedding cake didn’t make it into a photo album, no way was I going to document that. You know you’ve done an interesting job, when the ringbearer at the wedding asks you “what’s that?”  It was a humbling experience for sure, LOL.

So I’m happy to say I’ve come a looooong way!

Over the past few weeks, desperate to get some much needed practice, I’ve jumped at the chance to make a few birthday cakes. One for my daughter (well I guess that’s a given), and another for my future father-in-law (his wedding cake is the *star* of this post). I just needed some reassurance that I could really do this, and not have another “what’s that?” experience.

bobby's rosettes
makayla's mermaid cake

So back to the title of my post.

It was scorching hot here in Los Angeles last saturday.  Like cook-an-egg-on-the-asphalt hot.  I would say it was THEE hotest weekend this whole summer, at least out here.   And to top it off this wedding started at 11am, outdoors in full sun.  But my future father-in-law loves buttercream frosting, so I really wanted to give him a buttercream frosted cake.  I knew that they were more prone to melt than fondant covered cakes, but my plan was to keep it inside, in a cool air-conditioned room.

Well I made a little bo-bo.  Novice wedding cake maker that I am, I took some advice from some obscure website and wiped my metal spatula with hot water after each smear of buttercream on the cake (I toweled it dry, but it still must have been a little damp).   I didn’t realize when I was doing this that whatever moisture was left on the spatula was mixing with the buttercream, and so the buttercream was not “crusting” as I read that it would.  Well, you can see by my pics that the crazy catastrophe I imagined in my head didn’t happen.  It didn’t droop down to one side, and melt into a puddle of strawberries and buttercream, thank God.  But it could have! The air-conditioning was just barely cooling the house, and so the buttercream looked a bit like it was sweating itself, LOL.

bobby and sylvia cutting cake
But in the end, my mother-in-law and her new husband, Bobby, loved the cake. And that’s what counts! They had a gorgeous wedding, and really both deserved to find love again.
That’s me, helping them cut the cake. The wooden dowels were getting in the way of the knife, and they needed a little help.

On another note, here are a few shots of my son, rebelling against his suit and tie.   It was just too hot for a 6 year old to sit politely in his ring-bearer suit!

See those hot pink cheeks! He was NOT happy that he got called back to take more wedding pictures.

Then his silly aunt Nicola stepped in. I was taking this photo from my chair at the reception, during the toasts. Oh well, boys will be boys, my sister on the other hand… lol. Well, at least he was having a blast!

kaleb in pool

And then the inevitable happened, suit pants, leather belt and all. I think all the wedding guests, including myself, were secretly envious!

Thanks for stopping by!
Oh, and I plan on dedicating a post (coming soon) on how to make this delicious strawberry shortcake wedding cake. It tasted reeeeeally good!


3 thoughts on “The almost melted wedding cake… phew!

  1. Nicola B. says:

    The cake looks amazing!!! Great job! I can’t wait to find out how you made it! Will for sure attempt to make the cake, but I don’t know if I can decorate it as beautfully as you did! Amazing cakes!

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